Suzanne Lacy, The Dark Madonna Project 1986

The Dark Madonna Project
Franklin D. Murphy Scultpure Garden
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
May 31, 1986

A performance artwork by Suzanne Lacy and Susan Stone, with Anne Bray and Willow Young, featuring Linda Vallejo. Dedicated to the late Margo Albert.



Shadows in the Garden
Landscape Journal 26:1–07 ISSN 0277-2426
© 2007 by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
by Sharon Irish

“Artist Linda Vallejo, who performed in The Dark Madonna, described her belief that the dark Madonna is the earth, the nurturing soil that gives life, and how connected she felt to that idea as she sat with her month old baby in the sculpture garden, dressed in traditional Danza clothing. At the same time, Vallejo also recognized that The Dark Madonna appropriated a religious figure that, while it had a deep, spiritual meaning for her, could be superficially grasped and easily misunderstood”


Essay by Sharon Irish Exhibition invitation