Long Beach Museum of Art Video Archive 1987

Our Lady of L.A.
film by Kathleen Forrest, Cheri Gaulke, and Sue Maberry
Long Beach Museum of Art Video Archive, Series VI, Artist’s videos
Los Angeles, CA



“Our Lady of L.A.” is a video art piece by Kathleen Forrest, Cheri Gaulke and Sue Maberry. It is partially funded by the Telecommunications Dept. of the City of Los Angeles. It will be distributed by the artists in art settings and will be aired on cable television. The first time it will be screened is on Thursday, March 26 at 8 p.m. at the Woman’s Building as part of the “Variations of the Goddess” lecture series.

“Our Lady of L.A.” is a multi-cultural portrait of the Goddess in L.A. Few people know that our city was actually named for a Goddess, its official name being the City of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels. Many Angelenos are personally involved with the imagery and reality of the Goddess in their everyday life, and “the Goddess” means something different to perhaps each one of them! The video will hopefully both reveal and make more tangible Her presence. The tape is not a documentary but rather experimental in nature, weaving together the following components:

1. Living portraits of Goddesses enacted by L.A. artists. The Goddesses are the Venus of Willendorf, Kuan Yin, the “Waitress” Goddess Diana, Yemanja, Birth of Venus, and Coatlicue.

2. Interviews with L.A. artists and scholars involved in Goddess work.

3. Urban manifestations of the Goddess in L.A. (murals, sculptures, natural formations, etc.).

4. A many-layered soundtrack of original music, sound effects and voices.