California State University Northridge 1998

The Many Faces and Voices of Our Lady of Guadalupe
California State University, Northridge
December 1, 1998



Artist statement
Linda Vallejo, Visual Artist and Chicana/Indigena ceremonial leader

The Virgen de Guadalupe is a central part of Chicano/a indigenous tradition. She is often the focus of altars dedicated throughout the yearly indigenous calendar, and her image is worn by Chicanos involved in indigenous ceremony throughout the continent. I have the Virgen on my personal altar at home.
For me, the Virgen de Guadalupe is Tonantsin and Mother Earth. She is the female principal of the creative force. In traditional thought the “Great Mystery” is made up of both male and female energies. It was these energies that created “all of our relations,” all that we know in the universe.
She is the symbol of all women, our strength, faith and work on behalf of the planet, the water, earth, fire and air. She is the symbol of our communities, the mothers, children and families and the hope of future generations.
Mother Earth needs to be a central part of our everyday life and prayers. We need to remember her, take walks with her, see her in the eyes of our family members and loved ones. When one remembers Mother Earth one also remembers Father Sky, so that the dual aspects of female and male can be recalled and given thanks for all of our blessings.



Participants included: Linda Vallejo, Xochitlmilco Portillo, Lillian Robles, Juañeno, Mita Cuaron, Isabel Martines, Raquel Salina, Rosa Martha Zarate, Dr. Lara Medina, Dr. Luis Leon



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