bG Gallery PST LA/LA 2017


Keepin’ It Brown
solo exhibition
bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Exhibition Dates: September 9 – October 8

Linda Vallejo will exhibit selections from Make ‘Em All Mexican, The Brown Oscars, and The Brown Dot Project at bG Gallery as part of the Getty Foundation Initiative: Pacific Standard Time (PST) LA/LA.

Vallejo’s subsequent Brown Dot Project is a direct outgrowth of MEAM, an ongoing painting-based series in which painstakingly collected demographic data is re-visualized in various threads referencing modes in art history from Channa Horwitz to Man Ray, early computer and clip art, and graphic design. Her meticulous abstract mandalas, pointillist graphings, helixes and mazes have increasingly begun coagulating into recognizable images emblematic of the data driving the piece — such as the vehicles, industrial tools, and pop culture references he draw on. More recently still, the data comes to inflect details in luminous portraits, reminiscent in their eccentric solarized glow of her Electrics, but more classical and pensive in style.”

-Shana Nys Dambrot

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Artist Statement

Linda Vallejo: Artillery Magazine “Pick of the Week,” Artillery Magazine, by Annabel Osberg, October 4

Linda Vallejo “Keepin’ it Brown” at bG gallery, Santa Monica, CA, Art and Cake LA, by Lawrence Gipe, September 30

Latin America Colonizes Los Angeles Via Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, AEQAI, by Annabel Osberg, September 23

Brown Washing: Linda Vallejo turns the tables on cultural appropriation for the Getty’s citywide tribute to Latin American influence on Los AngelesThe Argonaut, by Christina Campodonico, September 20


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