Walter Maciel Gallery 2015

Suggestive Role Play
group exhibiton
Walter Maciel Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
18 April—23 May 2015



The works in the exhibition convey notions of imitation, mockery, fantasy and identity within the context of art history, media, societal pressures and feminist issues.  “Linda Vallejo explores identity but she pokes fun at the art world and its absence of Latina culture. A perceptive visual artist, Vallejo began to notice a growing trend of kitschy materials ranging from mass produced trinkets as sculpture to wildly untamed images created from found objects used by conceptual artists as spontaneous assemblages without any reference to diversity.  This experience allowed for a parallel shift in her art practice but with the awareness of her Mexican-American heritage by painting the objects brown and essentially “making them Mexican” thus extracting the subjects from their traditional Caucasian identity to redefine their personas and histories.  The same concepts apply to the two dimensional reproductions of popular art historical paintings using new digital techniques.  The images in Vallejo’s work are hyper-political while at the same time emotional portals to a past remembered and sometimes forgotten.”



Artists included: Carolyn Castaño, Monica Lundy, Linda Vallejo and Jenifer Yeuroukis



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