University of Southern California “The Feminist Art Project” 2018

How Will Feminist Culture Engage the Future?
special panel event
The Feminist Art Project at Rutgers University
University of Southern California
Session Chair: Kathleen Wentrack, The City University of New York, Queensborough Community College
Los Angeles, CA
February 20, 2018



Feminist models serve as acts of resistance. Local feminist practices inform cross-cultural understanding. Feminist teachers expand pedagogies. Feminists support social issues on human rights and connections to artists production. Alongside the LGBTQIA communities, disabled, people of color, immigrants, and economically disadvantaged, feminist artists and visual arts professionals question institutional models. They theorize beyond feminism, transform participatory art, or expand material possibilities.

This panel asked feminist visual arts thinkers and makers to comment on what’s next. How will feminist culture engage the future? What are the compelling questions being addressed today which are moving us forward? In what ways is art production creating new narratives, challenging hierarchies of knowledge, or playing with boundaries to forge new relationships?

Panelists:  Chelle Barbour (University of Southern California), Edie Fake (Independent Artist), Betti-Sue Hertz (San Francisco Art Institute), Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes (Mujeres de Maiz), Anne Swartz (Savannah College of Art and Design), Linda Vallejo (Independent Artist, A to Z Grantwriting), Harry Weil (Green-Wood Historic Fund)





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