California State University San Bernardino 1990


Aquí Estamos…Y No Nos Vamos
Here We Are…And We’re Not Leaving
at California State University, San Bernardino
April 16-May 25, 1990

Curator’s Statement:

California Statue University, San Bernardino’s second Chicano Art Exhibition is dedicated to those thirteen artistas who participated in the first exhibition fifteen years ago and reunites seven of the original artists: Armando Cid, Gilbert “Magu” Lujan, Jose Montoya, Joe Moran, Juanishi Orosco, Esteban Villa, y Rene Yanez and includes additional work by Richard Favela, Luis Gonzalez, Joaquin Palomino, Ernesto Palomino, Dominigo Ulloa, Salvador Torres, Gloria Torres, Frederico Vigil, Frank Romero, Diane Gamboa, Linda Vallejo, Rafael Garcia, Linda Garcia, Yolanda Lopez, Leo Limon, Gronk, David Rosales and Crispin Gonzales.

This Chicano exhibition follows no real stylistic or nationalistic guidelines within which it can be classified – perhaps, a sense of adventure or, more than that, the feeling for the ever changing and continuing act of Chicanismo; the political sentiments it expresses also vary. To the academic, that too represents an inconsistency. It, however, must be kept in mind that the times we live in are chaotic worldwide.

Chicano Art frequently assumes a rebellious stance. It dares the viewer to see art as something other than what the American art establishment traditionally promotes as art.

This iconoclastic attitude expresses itself in many forms – social decay, satire, visual puns, justice, injustice, self-criticism, freedom, the barrio, and general irreverence is good because, as an artistic tool, it is supposed to make the viewer re-evaluate his/her ideas of what art should be.

Chicano art is what it is – Chicanarte! It continues to develop and change. The exhibition is not meant to promote any specific political or aesthetic cause – we are simply here! The works presented in this exhibit are meant to give a perspective of what has happened in the last 15 years. The variety of views and range of expression in the art is a testimony to that.

-Joseph Moran, Curator

Artists Included: Armando Cid, Richard Favela, Diane Gamboa, Rafael Garcia, Linda Garcia, Luis Gonzalez, Gronk, Leo Limon, Yolanda Lopez, Gilbert “Magu” Lujan, Jose Montoya, Joe Moran, Juanishi Orosco, Joaquin Palomino, Ernesto Palomino, Frank Romero, David Rosales, Crispin Gonzales, Salvador Torres, Gloria Torres, Dominigo Ulloa, Linda Vallejo, Frederico Vigil, Esteban Villa, Rene Yanez.

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