Social Public and Art Resource Center (SPARC) 2008

Death of the Bush Era: What Next? Ask the Chinese…2008
Newspaper, Wite-Out, acrylic, Mylar
21 x 25 in.



Death of the Bush Era: What Next?
Just How does a Patriot Act
Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)
Curated by Joella March
Venice, CA
November 1, 2008



The SPARC Gallery has invited multi-media artists, from around the corner and around the world, to exhibit film, paintings, graphics, or sound works for SPARC’s exhibit Death of the Bush Era: What Next? (in conjunction with the exhibit Just How does a Patriot Act). SPARC has once again summoned the power of art to inspire people to collectively mobilize towards social change. For over 30 years, SPARC’s progressive programs have stimulated dialogue and encouraged social and political inquiry. In keeping with SPARC’s philosophy, the exhibition seeks to foster awareness, exploration, and reflection on the times in which we live. This multifaceted exhibition will examine the global transformation prompted by the eight-year George W. Bush administration, the upcoming election, economic recession, illegal immigration, and the Iraq war.



Artist Statement

Reading the newspaper and watching television are daily, mundane events, with images appearing in an incongruous mixture of toxic photographs, deadly headlines, frivolous advertisements and commercials, sexualized sales pitches, and mixed political messages. The dichotomy of these unending images and curiously opposing thoughts creates a mixture of humor, disbelief, guilt, and horror, in part creating the postmodern psychological condition and conundrum and begging the question: “What next?” Censored – The Death of the Bush Era: What Next?…Ask the Chinese provides the humor needed to consider and grapple with these complex and confusing political and economic times.



Artists included: Lunna Menoh, Roman Genn, Dianna Cohen, William Stone, Sheila Pinkel, Matthew Bryant, Noah Breuer, Andrew Armstrong, Wayne Coe, Mee Kyung Shim, Jason Chakravarty, Rebecca Lowry, Douglas McCulloh, Nate Seubert, George Herms, Dan Van Clapp, John Carr, Karen Fiorito, Joe Biel, Robbie Conal, Ryan Broughman, Linda Vallejo


Artist statement Artist statement