UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press 2014

Self Help Graphics & Art: Art in the Heart of East Los Angeles
edited by Colin Gunckel, Faculty, University of Michigan, Department of American Culture (AC), Latina/o Studies (LS), and Department of Screen Arts & Cultures
UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press
The Chicano Archives, Volume 1, Second Edition
ISBN-10: 0895511541
ISBN-13: 978-0895511546
Los Angeles, CA
January 2014



This second edition of Self Help Graphics & Art brings the original edition, published in 2005, up to date, adding breadth and depth to the history of the historic East L.A. arts center. Known for its groundbreaking printmaking and art education programs, Self Help Graphics has empowered local artists and taught the world about the vibrancy of Chicano/Latino art.

Joining the original essay is a chapter that covers the period from 2005 through 2013 and an essay that considers the organization’s interventions in the conception of art and community. Also new is an interview with five prominent artists associated with Self Help Graphics who discuss the organization’s foundational years and longstanding influence.

Completing the volume are a comprehensive guide to the Self Help Graphics & Art archives at the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives (CEMA), University of California, Santa Barbara; a guide to the Self Help Graphics & Art Research Collection at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center; and an expanded bibliography. Contributors Michael Amescua, Yreina Cervantez, Karen Mary Davalos, Armando Durón, Evonne Gallardo, Salvador Güereña, Colin Gunckel, Kristen Guzmán, Leo Limón, Chon A. Noriega, Peter Tovar, Linda Vallejo, and Mari Cárdenas Yáñez



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