SCA Project Gallery

Chants, Prayers & Poems: Compound Visions of Healing
Group exhibition
SCA Project Gallery
Pomona, CA
January 8—February 5, 2011



Artists included: Yvonne Beatty, Cynthia Friedlob, Hiroko Momii, Cindy Rinne, Linda Vallejo

Curated by Yvonne Beatty and Cynthia Friedlob

Five Los Angeles-based mature women artists of different ethnic backgrounds (European, African American, Asian and Native American/Hispanic) will exhibit artwork that reflects the wisdom found in The Navajo Night Chant, a Native American song that is both a tribute to natural phenomena and a prayer for healing. The purpose of the show is to bridge cultural gaps between the artists and our audience, encouraging us to come together to experience art that respectfully celebrates both our shared and our distinctive forms of spiritual expression.


Art by Cynthia announcement Navajo Night Chants