Flag Stop Art Fair 2011

Pretty Profane
Flag Stop Art Fair
Featuring the works of Linda Vallejo and Paul Torres
Curated by Lexi Courtis
South Bay Lexus Dealership, Torrance, CA



Lexi Courtis, Curator

Bright colors and brown skin. Rhythmic textures and even, shiny surfaces. Goddesses and ghouls. Vixens and Victoriana. Breasts and beasts. This is the stuff of our time, the stuff of “Pretty Profane”, an exhibition that unites a pair of artists whose technical skills and conceptual acuity are matched by their searing wit. Paul Torres’ painted images and Linda Vallejo’s repurposed objects will create a space where visual tension is optic – immediate but inviting, jarring but amusing, and serves to stimulate a conversation about visions and realities of contemporary American culture.



Flag Stop Art Fair: South Bay Lexus Dealership Becomes an Art Gallery, LA Weekly, by Shana Nys Dambrot, September 12, 2011



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