Orange County Center for Contemporary Art 2012

Random Acts of Time: An International Call for Art
Curator and Juror: William Moreno
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA
May 5—June 16, 2012



Exhibition Statement
William Moreno, Curator and Juror

Time is a fundamental and certainly pragmatic tenant that regulates – to a greater or lesser extent – daily life; a marker for past, present and future. The “arrow of time,” coined by British astronomer Arthur Eddington, refers to the expansive visualization of time on a continuum. Yet the world’s cultures do not share concepts of time equally – and the importance of its symbols fluctuates with the potency of those traditions, beliefs and liturgical anchors.

From the moment we begin our journey into the cacophony of the world – a series of decisions, choices and twists of fate guide us – often lurching or blissful and occasionally tragic. What have we chosen for ourselves? When has our hand been forced? Where have random or serendipitous events changed our course? When have we triumphed? What have we lost? What have we remembered and forgotten? Exploring that inexorable passage via divergent points-of-view, media and imagery demands introspection and perspective.

This exhibition investigates our relationship to the concept of time, its fleeting nature and impact and the arbitrary, often uncontrollable events that shape our lives. The premise is deliberately imprecise; I was particularly interested in artist’s responses to the notion and how they might realize the idea.

The result is a diverse offering of works: painting, photography, video and installation are all represented – each examining what binds or propels us, notions of conscious or unconscious experiences and the narratives we collect as we negotiate our lives.



Featured artists: Jeff Alu, Brett Amory, Miguel Azabe, Randy Baker, Kireilyn Barber, Charles Bragg, Micharl Brodsky, Ching Ching Cheng, Jaime Cortez, Cira Crowell, Camilo Cruz, Bryon Darby, Chris Eckert, Pablo Estrada, Dino Dinco, Kristin Frost, Jonathon Gibson, Christopher Gideon, Chet Glaze, Tim Gratkowski, Phillip Hall-Patch, Rebecca Hamm, Erin Harmon, Jonathon Michael Hicks, Jacquemo, Louis Jacinto, David Johnson, Bridget Klappert, Nermin Kura, Tom Lamb, Jennifer Lanski, Daniel Lara, Ahree Lee, Marilyn Lowey, Monica Lundy, Ryan Mccann, Dylan Mcconnell, Alexa Miller, Peter Miraglia, Donnie Molls, Allen Morton, Ted Ollier, Eric Olson, Joe O’Neill, Jeffrey Palladini, Robin Repp, Lisa Roche, Gali Rotstein, Kimberly Rowe, Michael Roy, Ondrej Rudavsky, Craig Screven, Kim Seieroe, Carol Selter, Connie Servative, Kevin Sloan, Carl Smith, Sarah Sweeney, John Tarry, Linda Vallejo, Kate Vrijmoet, Suzan Woodruff, Erick Zammitt



Linda Vallejo and Others in “Random Acts of Time”, by Carlyn Aguilar, June 14, 2012



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