Nuestra Gente Magazine 2001

Linda Vallejo y Su Visión de Los Cielos
Nuestra Gente Magazine
By Lilian Jiménez
November 2001


Respect Mother Earth, water, fire and wind come to light in each of the works of artist Linda Vallejo, especially in this current series titled “Los Cielos / The Heavens” (1996-2000), composed of more than 50 paintings that expose the surrealism of the heavens and their connection to the earth and human beings.

Vallejo’s love of nature and interest in mythology have fascinated her since childhood. Vallejo grew up in different continents. She returned as an adult to her hometown of Los Angeles, California, after living in Germany, Spain and several States because her father was a colonel in the United States Air Force. “My parents, Helen and Adam Vallejo, introduced me to many places, the Vatican, and many museums. I learned a lot about the history and culture of the West, but when I returned to Los Angeles I wanted to learn more about the culture of Mesoamerica. I traveled to Mexico to visit the ruins and I learned about the traditions and beliefs of indigenous cultures.”

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