Museum of Latin American Art 2018

El Exploratorio: Zona I – Beyond the Limits and the Processes of Creation

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Gallery A & 1/2 B
Long Beach, CA
EXHIBITION DATES: April 21—July 29, 2018

Over the course of human evolution, technological and scientific innovation has played a fundamental role in aesthetic development. Aristotle referred to art as techne, the practical skills and knowledge necessary for humans to create, with the potential of establishing new realities never before imagined. Leonardo da Vinci conceptualized, designed and built various objects and devices where art, science, and mechanical advancements converged, branding him a genius ahead of his time and creating a blueprint for the humanist ideal of the Renaissance. A Neo-Renaissance began in the mid-20th century and continues today—with more visibility than ever—as we turn to science and technology to identify new forms of expression. This investigation of hybridity, reproduction, fragmentation and appropriation is accepted as standard practice in various arenas but how does this translate in the creative field? Exploratorioexamines how contemporary artists not only reflect on or become inspired by scientific and technological improvements, but utilize these advancements as tools in developing new aesthetic discourses, processes, and creative practice.



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