Mujeres de Maíz ZINE 2015

madre mother, mujeres de maizMadre, Mother Mujeres de Maíz ZINE 2015

The longest running self-identified women of color zine in the nation. Zines are a non-commercial form of independent media that circulate information and communicate stories that are often devalued in popular culture, public discourse and mainstream politics. The Mujeres de Maiz zines feature original poetry, prose and visual art, and is a platform for writers and artists.

“Mother earth is a quintessential notion of motherhood, a sacred living entity we are ceremoniously tied to. As Madre Tierra undergoes an onslaught of losses and unethical actions, we ask the questions: How do you personally experience motherhood and/or connect to mother earth? How do we survive mother earth’s healing process? How do you nurture your relationship with mother earth?”


Linda Vallejo -Madre Celestial

Madre Celestial, 2000
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 in.



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