Los Angeles Water Works 2013

Los Angeles Water Works: Histories of Water and Place
by the Studio for Southern California History
ISBN-10: 1492108189
ISBN-13: 978-1492108184
Los Angeles, CA



Los Angeles Water Works explores Southern California’s connections to water and is published by the nonprofit organization the Studio for Southern California History. This book was compiled over the summer of 2013 in part to acknowledge the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on November 5th and its regional consequences. This book has art, poetry, history information, maps and resources to go further



Artists included: Heather Agnew, Nancy Bautista, Kevn Cabrera, George Castillo, Ophelia Chong, Gabrielle Garcia, Olga García Echeverría, Kristin Hangrove, Jeremy Hight, Jason Hong, Lisa Hight, Theresia Rosa Kleeman, Leo Limón, Michelle Alexandra Lopez, Lewis McAdams, Deanna Matsumoto, Rosa Mazon, Marilynn Montaño, Jim Natal, Shawn Neill, Michael Okamura, Toshiyuki Okamura, Mark O’Meany, Hilary Ribbens, Megyn Rugh, Sharon Sekhon, Mike Sonksen, Susan Suntree, Sarah Wise, Linda Vallejo



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