Lix Bearitz Magazine 1969

Lix Bearitz Magazine
Madrid High School
Torrejon, Madrid, Spain




Perhaps no one can tell what prompts people to want a record, something written down about themselves…to want to apply a “fixative” to a given span of time so that it will be remembered, puzzled over awaiting interpretation, attached to the events in the past.

We were about 100 teen-aged Americans, who came to Spain, to attend high school here in Madrid. We all had one thing in common, and that was travel. Some of us came from such places as Thailand, Tanzania and Brazil. We came to Madrid and lived in the dormitory, 20 miles outside of Madrid, yet very close to a small village.

For some of us, our daily routine meant afternoon bridge games, waterfights at the movies, jaunts to the bowling alley and the service club, pool in the poolroom, and mesmerized listening to psychedelic records. For others it was observing and absorbing the culture on the planned trips to Segovia, Barcelona, Toledo and the ski lodge at Navacerrada. And for all at varying times, there was discontent which was expressed in different ways. Then we changed little by little. Inevitably we come of age. Most of us came out of the experience a little wiser. In this Magazine we tried to make a place for the “Dormies,” a name acquired along the way, to express some of their feelings and thoughts.

We gathered the art-work, the essays, the poetry in hope that these potential poets, essayists, short-story writers and even novelists, would be encouraged to go on working and serve out their apprenticeship.

We, of the staff, had many after-thoughts of how we might have made improvements and of how we might have compiled this magazine were we to do it again. We feel, however, that we have captured something of what went into the making of an experience, unique only to the “Dormies” this year.



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