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The Art of Memory Lectura Books 2016

The Art of Memory: Ten Stories Written and Illustrated by Ten Artists
The Latino Family Literacy Project
Lectura Books
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Ten different artists come together to tell a memorable childhood story. A bilingual book that parents and kids are sure to enjoy! Available November 1, 2016. Lectura Books publishes books in a bilingual format in English and Spanish so that Spanish speaking parents can read with their children in Spanish and develop English language skills along with their children.

The mission of Lectura Books is to create beautiful bilingual (English/Spanish) books, transformative staff development for teachers, and programs for coaching parents for more meaningful parent involvement opportunities, and curricula to inspire reading with children and parents at home.



When Travel Is a Family Affair
Linda Vallejo

When I was a young girl, my family traveled in planes, cars and trains to wonderful places all over the world. We always packed our bags carefully and dressed in our best clothes. Our parents taught us to be friendly and polite so we made new friends everywhere we went. We visited the wonders of the world and learned a lot about history, culture, art and architecture. As a young girl, I went to school with children of all races and nationalities, and as a young woman, I learned to speak Spanish in Spain. Traveling taught me to appreciate our special differences and to understand that each one of us has something special to offer the world. Traveling to new places and meeting new people is a fun way to learn. I will always have very fond memories of traveling with my family!





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