Latin Style 1996

Latin Style


Arte De Las Americas 1996
Grand Inaugural Opening Reception and Publication Event

Latin Style
Vol.II, No.3




“GALERIA LAS AMERICAS represents artists from South America, Central America, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Puerto Rico and the United States, and will celebrate its 7th anniversary in November, 1996. The mission of Galería Las Americas is to present a full spectrum of art and artists, a reservoir of sophisticated and mature artists, views and visions of the Latino Americano and Chicano arts community. ARTE DE LAS AMERICAS will bring to light a multitude of dynamic and diverse voices as well as establish the collectors and supporters of this movement for future generations.

A major step in its efforts towards the advancement of Chicano and Latino Americano artists and art is the publication of ARTE DE LAS AMERICAS 1996, a high quality, full color, 32 page fine arts catalog featuring thirteen artists from the roster of Galería Las Americas. This exquisite catalog will contain 35 full-color images, a gallery introduction essay, a special VIP and collector thank-you page, artists photos, and brief biographies.

Linda Vallejo, artist-owner of Galería de las Americas, believes ‘that the contribution of our artists to national and international culture has suffered over the past three decades due to a lack of permanent documentation. Very few fine arts catalogs or significant brochures have been published to establish and legitimize the continuing contribution of countless renowned and emerging artistic voices. Publishing is essential to the establishment of Chicano and Latino American contemporary arts as a vital aspect of American culture.’

The gallery is one of very few nationwide that has dedicated itself to the voice and vision of contemporary living artists. As we enter into the turn of the century, it is vital that we stop to reflect on the work produced by the artists of our time.”



Artists included: Nik Fernandez, Mario G. Lopez, Isabel Martínez, Tony Ortega, Rodrigo Palacios, Sara Palacios, Daniel Salazar, Teddy Sandoval, East Los Streetscapers, Rudy Torres, Linda Vallejo, Rene Vasquez.



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