University of Texas, Austin 1983

Cycle 6
Kay F. Turner, Editor
SSB 3. 106, Folklore Center
University of Texas, Austin, TX, 78712
Autumn 1983

Introduction Excerpt:

“Artmaking is my way of searching for the meaning of the Great Mystery. Our hearts’ desires can be seen in the pictures we create.” —Linda Vallejo

“Lady Unique Cycle 6 concentrates on documenting and interpreting the women’s art of making and keeping person or home altars. IN the making of home altars, women set aside a sacred space int heir homes for creatively assembling a group of objects, images, and symbols which visually represent the power of, and need for good relationship and positive affiliations.”

“Several of the women whose altars are presented in this Cycle use them as thresholds of communication between this world and the other. Whether they are traditional Roman Catholic women who use their altars as an intercessory device for community with God or feminists who, before their altars, speak with the Goddess, the use of home altars exemplifies women’s propensity for intimacy with the divine.”

Contributors included: Grace Shinell, Arlene Raven, Jane Creighton, Gloria Orenstein, Jean Sirlus, Geraldine Hatch Hanon, Christine Downing, Kathleen Alexander-Berghorn, Jean Mountaingrove, Carolyn Berry, Linda Vallejo.

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