Kipaipai California: Joshua Tree 2020

Kipaipai California: Joshua Tree 2020
mentorship workshop
Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Joshua Tree, CA
May 29-31, 2020



Kipaipai, meaning ‘To Encourage and Inspire,’ is a special program that focuses on professional practices in areas of gallery representation and museum exhibitions, self-promotion, use of social media in promotion, the importance of relevant critical writing, presentation and identifying and strategizing personal/professional goals.

The workshop will run from Friday to Sunday, May 29-31, 2020. Through private one-on-one sessions and group meetings, students will have the rare opportunity to meet with a team of guest professionals and peer mentors including:

Art Therapist Sanie Andres
Curator Robert Benitez
Artist and Publisher Kimberly Brooks
Art History, Critic and Curator Betty Ann Brown
Museum Curator Andi Campognone
Artist Alex Couwenberg
PR Specialist Aria Gannon
Gallerist Melissa Morgan
Artist and Grant Specialist Linda Vallejo
Artist and Curator Mary Anna Pomonis (Peer Mentor)



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