Galería Nueva 1990

Tapping into the Unconscious flier

Linda Vallejo West Coast Premier
Images of the Earth: Ancestral Memories

Solo Exhibition at Galería Nueva
912 East 3rd St, Suite 402, Los Angeles, CA
October 13-November 24, 1990



“What is primal, at the core of being human, is brought forth through the merging of the elements: earth, wind, air, fire and the spirit of our planet in the paintings and three dimensional works of Linda Vallejo. In them we see the connection of our human spirit and the spirit of nature. We feel the transcendent power of our indigenous past in our present. She presents us with a disquieting consequence of our denial of a living earth – the denial of our own spirit.”
-Film Producer Montesuma Esparza

Linda Vallejo presents an art with a fresh vision of the profound universal ideals of continental America: humanity and nature. From a modern Chicana woman with a precious love for all that is Chicano and human, Linda Vallejo’s free-form sculpture and paintings represent an unhackneyed, unwalked, virginal road of aesthetics. Her strength through l’art brut and her diligence to preserve nature place her among the finest contemporary voices in art. In her works, the earth, the trees and the roots speak to us of a vision of the liberation of the human spirit.”
-Artist Ramses Noriega

Regarding Vallejo’s art, classical Chicano poet Jose Montoya says: “We respect the natural laws of duality and the principals of harmony, balance and rhythm. Linda Vallejo’s work emanates from that duality. She rekindles ancestral memories and weaves the wisdom of the indigenous woman into new Chicano dreams.”



Tapping the Unconscious: Linda Vallejo at Galeria Nueva, Artweek, Vol. 21, No. 39, by Shirle Gottlieb, Los Angeles, CA



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