Galería Las Américas 1997

Transformation: Major Works 1991-1997
solo exhibition
Galería Las Américas
Santa Monica, CA
May 3-30, 1997



Linda Vallejo will present fifty major works from 1991-1997 in “TRANSFORMATION.” Vallejo has been artist/owner of Galería Las Américas over the seven years of its history. During this time her work has been published in numerous national and international publications, developing a wide collectorship and following. As artist/owner of Galería Las Américas her goal as been to “give something back to say thank you for living as an artist and woman.” Linda Vallejo, prolific and celebrated artist and owner of Galería Las Américas presents her final exhibition in the Santa Monica site. The “TRANSFORMATION” exhibition will include selected works from six suites in gouache on paper and masonite, and acrylic on canvas including:

• “Los Cielos” a profound place in the heavens
• “The Death of Urban Humanity” a city without art
• “The Spirits of our Ancestors” a homage to the indigenous spirit of the Americas
• “Woman of the Midnight Sky” the profound psyche of woman
• “The Inspiration of Lightning and Thunder” the moment surrounding idea
• “The Garden” an eden of the mind, ideas and thought



Critical reviews

Maria Elena Fernandez for The Los Angeles Weekly ‘Pie of the Week’ stated, “the viewers spirit gasps and soars with her potent images and enrapturing colors.”

Suzanne Muchnic of ARTnews wrote, “Vallejo’s images explore the unconscious and issues of religion and morality. She is a noted artist in her own right, with paintings in which the landscape of dreams the icons of a personal mythos, are set forth in luminous tones and a graceful, intuitive line.”

Betty Ann Brown, author and curator, stated, “Exquisitely rendered and brilliantly conceived, Vallejo’s paintings affect viewers deeply, as does all art of great quality.” In the Los Angeles Downtown News, Victoria Looseleaf wrote, “She is gallery owner, painter, wife and mother and a force in the arts community. Linda Vallejo’s work bares a woman’s soul, a probing look into the depths of a highly creative, obsessed and driven woman. We are richer for it.”

ARTscene Magazine declares, “These are mature and resonant works that are capable of exerting a deep effect on the viewer. The unifying elements of humanity and Vallejo’s strong impulse towards personal liberation through the creative process make this an affirmative art.”

The National Hispanic Reporter proclaims, “Many critics agree that Vallejo’ s work is among the best offered by the gallery.”



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