Galería Las Américas 1996

El Amanecer
group exhibition
Galería Las Américas
Los Angeles, CA
March 1-May 11, 1996



Artists included: Rafael Arrieta-Eskarzaga, Rodrigo Palacios, Linda Vallejo, Rene Vasquez

The Theme of “El Amanecer – The Sunrise” illuminates the concept of the ensuing night and its dark gift along side the sunrise with its promise of light to choose our way. Artists presented in this expressive exhibition deal with shrouded doors, interiors, and passageways; the dark understanding of myth , spirit and sexuality; the radiant light bursting through in the darkness of the oncoming storm; and the vivid light of personal inspiration and inner vision.



About the Artists

Internationally acclaimed artist Rafael Arrieta-Eskarzaga takes inspiration from the classical myths of the Roman-Greco era. Massive oil on canvas depictions of the centaur and menotaur distinguish this major portfolio of works. Focused source of light is reminiscent of Carravagio and Rembrandt with glistening surfaces and dark evoking shadows. The erotic and sexual are displayed through a man’s strong sense of self and without shame. The image of a crucified Christ is beautifully brought to life in a surrealistic landscape mirroring the works of Dali. Texture and body, the vision of a forgotten place and-space, and memories of a forgotten time are elements that remain in the mind of the viewer. The sunrise glistens brightly from a.dark interior within this major suite of works.

Arrieta-Eskarzaga was born in Durango, Dgo., Mexico and has exhibited in group and one-man shows in Monterrey, Mexico; Toluca, Mexico; Milan, Italy; Luxembourg; Barcelona, Spain; New York and throughout  the United States. His works are presenting on display through Arts Communication International, Philadelphia, PA. This is his first major exhibition with Galeria Las Americas.

The immense talent of Rodrigo Palacios will be presented in a large series of mixed media works on
paper, where his use of the dark passage, doorway and window leave the viewer intensely seeking the light beyond the abyss. An uncanny use of mixed media, including the apparent melting of objects into the surface characterize these windows into the dark room of our interiors. The great painter Velasquez is remembered in the use of space leading to interior, interior leading to the final doorway.

Palacios was born in Cali, Colombia. He completed his Master of Arts Degree at Cal State University Northridge. He received a Ford Foundation Fellow at Stanford University and a Medal of Honor from Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain. This is his second major suite of works presented by Galeria Las Americas.

Emerging Chicano artist, Rene Vasquez astounds the viewer with his capacity, number of works, style and image. After successfully exhibiting an immense suite of smaller mixed media works on wood and paper, this artist outdoes himself by presenting a suite of major mixed media works displaying a virtually unstoppable imagination and technical ability. In a short time, his work has gained the interest of collectors and dealers nation-wide. These surrealistic dream works share the inner working of a bright new talent, whose mind and imagination sore to places unheard of.

A graduate of Art Center College of Design with group exhibitions in California and Arizona, Vasquez is headed for great renown.

Linda Vallejo, prolific and celebrated artist as well as owner of Galeria Las Americas presents her third major suite of works in two years. The Los Angeles Weekly ‘Pie of the Week’ stated, “the viewers spirits gasp and sore with her potent images and enrapturing colors.” Suzanne Muchnic of ARTnews stated, “Vallejo’s images explore the unconscious and issues ofreligion and morality.” Suzanne Lummis noted critic and artist wrote, “She is a noted artist in her own right, with paintings in which the landscape of dreams the icons of a personal mythos, are set forth in luminous tomes and a graceful, intuitive line.” Betty Ann Brown, author and curator, stated,” Exquisitely rendered and brilliantly conceived, Vallejo’s paintings affect viewers deeply, as do all art of great quality.”

Vallejo completed graduate studies at the University of Madrid, Spain, and received her Master of Fine Art Degree from Cal State University Long Beach in 1978. She continues to exhibit her work nationally and internationally while remaining dedicated to her commitment to exhibit contemporary Chicano and Latino Americano artists through Galeria Las Americas.




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