Galería Las Américas 1996

New Location Announcement
Galería Las Américas
Santa Monica, CA



Galería Las Américas has successfully relocated to 2307 Main Street, Santa Monica. After a six year tenure in the Downtown area, the gallery has moved to situate itself among a community of galleries, walking collector and supporter traffic. We look forward to becoming a part of our new Santa Monica community. In 1996, Galería Las Américas will present a series of Friday Evening Events including Latino Americana and Chicano poetry readings, artist presentations, educator forums and musical events. These events will be announced on a monthly basis.

Galería Las Américas is celebrating its Sixth Year Anniversary representing contemporary Latino Americano and Chicano artists. The gallery is one of very few nationwide that has dedicated itself to the voice and vision of contemporary living artists. As we enter into the tum of the century it is vital that we stop to reflect on the work produced by the artists of our time. The Latino Americana and Chicano community has produced artists whose careers span fifty years and whose works can be compared to some of the great masters in history.

Galería Las Américas announces the publication of its first in a series of limited edition full-color fine arts catalogs entitled “ARTE DE LAS AMERICAS.” Galería Las Américas is the first Chicano owned gallery to publish the works of contemporary artists. We believe that this is the, first and most essential element in bringing Latino Americano and Chicano artists to the forefront of the world’s art establishments and market. We plan an exhilarating Signing Party and Exhibition Opening Reception to publicly present “ARTE DE LAS AMERICAS 1996” in our new Santa Monica location this coming Fall, 1996.



Artists included: East Los Streetscapers, Nik Fernandez, Diane Gamboa, Gloria Longval, Mario G. Lopez, Isabel Martinez, Julio Martinez, Ricardo Ortega, Tony Ortega, Rodrigo Palacios, Sara Palacios, Jesus Angel Perez, Danny Salazar, Teddy Sandoval, Rudy Torres, Linda Vallejo, and Rene Vasquez



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