Galería Las Américas 1995

Las Sirenas
group exhibition
Galería Las Américas
Los Angeles, CA
October 13-December 15, 1995

Artists included: Dolores Guerrero-Cruz, Poli Marichal, Sara Palacios, Linda Vallejo



About the Artists

Dolores Guerrero-cruz, a critically acclaimed artist and pivotal member of the established Chicano arts community, will present a major new suite of works surrounding the concept of the “Lost Angels of LA.” This significant portfolio examines the multitude of lost souls living in Los Angeles, and asks the question, “Who are they? What is their fate?” This prolific and authentic artist looks deeply in the society that we live and beckons the views to question our lives, our beliefs, hopes and lost hopes. Works will include full figure images of acrylic on canvas, and mono-silkscreen prints on paper and canvas. The artist has secluded herself for over two years to produce this vital exhibition of richly· colored powerful and penetrating works.

Puerto Rican artist, Poli Marichal is an exquisite and masterful painter and printmaker, producing her second large suite of works for exhibition in Los Angeles. Her innate and studied knowledge of encaustic oils, mixed with an acute ability to create a warm and meaningful context for the figure, produces an inviting and truly pleasurable experience for the viewer. A classically trained painter with a deep awareness of color and its many implications, Ms. Marichal will offer a striking group of paintings remarkable in statement and caliber.

The haunting portraits of Cuban artist Sara Palacios, displaying an unexpected, dense palette of complex tones and uses of mixed media collage, share dream images of women surviving within the dichotomy of life. In these large collage works the artist uses cardboard, newspaper, paint, nails, ribbon, and frames of metal with chicken wire to adeptly describe the dark underworld where the women of her dreams live and speak to her. The artist states,” I am not creating the images, they are creating me. I am not the dreamer, I am the dream. The images express the chaos women sometimes live in, the dialectic reality of all of our lives.” This is the second major exhibition SARA PALACIOS has presented at Galeria Las Americas.

Linda Vallejo, renowned artist and owner of Galeria Las Americas presents her second major suite of works in two years. Her one woman exhibition “SOLA 1994” received PIC OF THE WEEK in the LOS ANGELES WEEKLY which stated, “the viewers spirits gasp and sore with her potent images and enrapturing colors.” For LAS SIRENAS, Vallejo will present a portfolio entitled “Dream Goblets,” hand-built porcelain goblets meant to acknowledge and memorialize personal relationships. The cups will be accompanied by mixed media works on masonite displayed on hand-tooled pedestals and mantels. Each cup will be adorned with incised icons reminiscent of the symbolic journey of relationships and life. The artist states, ” It is time to take a precious moment of promises and dreams with the ones we love and celebrate our life together.”



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