Duquesne University 1975

One Woman Show
Linda Vallejo Solo Exhibition
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA

Artist’s Statement:

In my search for art, I am looking for the purpose art has played in man’s history and how it will serve man in the future. Art’s purpose is not only the search of beauty, but also a search for meaning. I believe that my extensive travel, both in the United States and in Europe, has much to do with my work. In Spain, where I studied at the University of Madrid, I was influenced by the importance of traditional works. The American artistic movement places more importance on the breaking away from such traditional concepts. I am trying to create balance between these two views.

As I was born of Mexican-American descent, I find myself between two cultures; one of traditional understanding and one of futuristic exploration. The incorporation of past and contemporary artistic movements has been my primary goal. My link with the past is manifested in my use of form and subject matter, while my use of vibrant color is an interpretation of modern American life.

Artworks on display:
1. Fleeting Glance
2. Venus
3. Angels
4. Serenity
5. Awe
6. Awe
7. Awe
8. Bliss
9. Bliss
10. Leaves
11. Tía Concha
12. Tía Concha
13. Antonia
14. Self Portrait
15. A Dream of Man
16. A Dream of Man
17. Serenity
18. Serenity
19. The Red Head
20. Warrior
21. The Village Fool, Quasimodo
22. Madona