Coagula Curatorial 2018

Pure Not Proper
group exhibition
curated by Adrineh Baghdassarian
Coagula Curatorial
Los Angeles, CA
June 7—10, 2018



Coagula Curatorial presents PURE NOT PROPER a group show curated by Adrineh Baghdassarian. Utilizing artists from across the globe, the exhibit purposely blends borders to create a diverse perspective on global consciousness and to showcase multiple artists and then material usage.

“My show questions the systems of values across the globe” Baghdassarian explained. “Every culture has a standard of purity and proper behaviors that are interwoven. Can purity be attained but the norm of what is proper still challenged? These artists question the accepted norms and push boundaries beyond what is proper in their home countries, in their cultural traditions, but their art retains a purity that reveals much to us about the collective. They tell the same story in specific ways.”

Art that is Pure Not Proper continuously crosses borders and forms new deviations. These deviations fluctuate constantly empowering and depriving power almost cyclically. Something considered not proper today shape shifts by tomorrow, retains its purity and may be seen in a completely different manner beyond being good or bad.

The curating was done primarily thru Instagram with the understanding that the intuition of viewers will play a role to determine what is pure and what is not proper. “The dual connection of two opposites and their constant interactions and the fluctuation of their melting points continuously creates new realities in our world. One can be pure evil but another might only be mildly inappropriate – are they seen the same way in the context of their opposite to what is culturally proper?”



Artists included: Nelly Achken, Peter Adamyan, Pat Ahern, Theresa Baxter, Rouzanna Berberian, Megan Buccere, Terry Cervantes, Adrian Cronos, Brynn Elizabeth, Nas Ghadiri, Clare Hebert, Sally Hewett, Sandra Hultsved, Theohuxxx, Ashkan Honarvar, Allison Honeycutt, Stephanie Inagaki, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Anna Kostanian, Emily Maddigan, Mari Mansourian, Heather O’Shaughnessy, Naro Pinosa, Fiona Roberts, Sara Shakeel, Leigh Salgado, Mari Shimizu, Marnie Spenser, Linda Vallejo, Sandra Vista, and Katherine Walsh.



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