Self-Help Graphics Galeria Otra Vez 1981

Children of the Sun: Solar Energy Exhibit and Event
Self Help Graphics Galeria Otra Vez
Los Angeles, CA



Linda Vallejo Curator Statement:

When the staff of Self-Help Graphics originally thought of the Solar Exhibition concept, we knew it was an interesting idea with good potential. We understood the philosophical and historical connection that the Chicano has with the Pre-Colombian cultures of Mexico. Little did we realize how many artists had been continuously working on a personal relationship with the Sun. Suddenly, artists, from all over the state began responding to our invitation to produce solar energy objects using adobe installations, solar pieces utilizing reflected and amplified light as well as historical, spiritual and anthropological interpretations of the Sun symbol and its energy potential. Artists opened new communication lines not only within close communities but statewide.

Our original conception exploded into an important statewide event exploring a new energy resource, as artists ideas evolved aesthetically and technologically.Why has the concept of Solar Power touched and sparked so many Chicano artists? What new understanding does the Chicano offer to the community at large? The artists in this exhibition will answer these intriguing questions. Twenty artists will exhibit paintings, sculptures, drawings, installation pieces, some which will actually utilize the sun’s light and energy to operate.

The next step in this exploration of the Sun and its potential is to connect the artistic portion of the community with the scientists. In conjunction with the exhibition, six Solar corporations, businesses, and educational concerns will demonstrate designs and emerging discoveries in the solar energy field. Three slide show presentations on solar installations and technical research, plus a 16mm film on how solar power works will accompany the solar concerns. As a part of the aesthetic whole, poets and Baile Folklorico will perform in honor of this day dedicated to the Sun.We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to experience this special event with us. After many months of planning and hard work we truly wish to share our wonderful and enlightening findings with our community. In the future we will be using Solar Power for our homes and businesses.

Come and learn how it will directly affect you and the lives of your children.Sun sparks are flying! The central real energy source for our entire universe is our Sun. Long live our dedication to El Padre Sol!


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