University Times Cal State Los Angeles 2000

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Chicana Artists Speak on Their Work

By Jennifer Ashley, Times Staff Writer
Photo by Andrea Giacomini
University Times
California State University Los Angeles
Vol. 167, No. 14
November 20, 2000



Speakers: Alma Lopez, Linda Vallejo, Yolanda Gonzalez, Anita Miranda. Dr. Karen Mary Davalos




Linda Vallejo said that it was her goal as an artist to “share with you my lessons as a Chicana Indigena. This has been my mission for the past ”20 years.”  Growing up in Germany, Spain, and all over the United States, including the deep South during the civil rights movement, Vallejo has led a very traveled life. Her art is influenced by the Chicana Indigena ideals.  “I was smitten. I took a dive head-first into Chicana Indigena and never came back,” she recalls of her experiences. Her pieces often depict nature’s metamorphosis with women.



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