Charlie James Gallery 2019

With a Little Help from my Friends: A Benefit for Bryan Chagolla
group exhibition
Charlie James Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
September 14-October 26, 2019



Charlie James Gallery is moved to present With a Little Help From My Friends, a group exhibition to benefit the beloved preparator of our gallery, Bryan Chagolla. Bryan is 38 years old and has a wife and two young daughters, and he is among the finest fine art preparators here in Los Angeles. The day Bryan’s second daughter Rosalyn was born on June 19th of this year, Bryan was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer and he cannot work. He is being treated at City of Hope here in LA and is fighting hard and making strides towards recovery. This show has the goal of taking care of Bryan and his family’s expenses for the next year as he receives treatment. We’ve asked our gallery artists and artists who have worked with us to donate works to the exhibition, which will run a full term from September 14th thru October 26th at the gallery.



Artists included: Tanya Aguiñiga, Sadie Barnette, Sandow Birk, Nick Brown, Nancy Buchanan, Luke Butler, Sydney Croskery, Yasmine Diaz, Kim Dingle, Martin Durazo, Simone Gad, Ashley Gibbons, Ramiro Gomez, Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., Tim Gratkowski, Lauren Halsey, Nano Hernandez, Lars Jan, Andrew Jensdotter, Nova Jiang, Dane Johnson, Eske Kath, Keith Rocka Knittel, Steve Lambert, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Mary Little, Brendan Lott, Narsiso Martinez, Patrick Martinez, Rachel Mason, Star Montana, Tucker Nichols, noé olivas, Dylan Palmer, Mary Anna Pomonis, William Powhida, Lee Quiñones, Casey Reas, Alexander Reben, Adee Roberson, Walter Robinson, Sandy Rodriguez, Erika Rothenberg, Shizu Saldamando, Gabriella Sanchez, Debra Scacco, Alex Schaefer, John Schlue, Julia Schwartz, Molly Segal, Guy Richards Smit, Linda Vallejo, ZES



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