Papier-Mache Press 1995


A Question of Balance: Artists and Writers on Motherhood
Papier-Mache Press
By Judith Pierce Rosenberg (Editor)
ISBN-10: 0918949548
ISBN-13: 978-0918949547
Watsonville, CA
July 1, 1995

Cover art by Ann Trask
Cover design by Cynthia Heier
Photo by Sarah Putnam
Interior design by Lesie Austin




Linda Vallejo, thirty-eight, is a dynamic sculptor and painter who uses the bold palette of her Mexican heritage to create images of women. Inspired by her belief that ‘woman is the symbol of the earth,’ much of her work is an ‘effort to touch the heart of all people to remind them that the earth is our home and we should befriend it,’ the artist explains.

Vallejo has a BA in painting and drawing from Whittier College and an MFA in printmaking from California State University at Long Beach, where she has been a visiting lecturer. She also did graduate work in lithography at the University of Madrid, Spain, and studied theatre in London, England. The recipient of a Latinas Making History Award and a Brody Arts Fellowship, Vallejo has been recognized by a number of organizations, including the National Association of Chicano Studies, the Institute for Hispanic Cultural Studies, and the City of Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Southwest, as well as in New York, Madrid and Mexico.”



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