Latino Art Museum 2010

Collector’s Choice
Latino Art Museum
Curated by Armando Duron
January 13—February 27, 2010
Pomona, CA



Collectors are rarely asked to curate an art exhibition. The conflict seems inherent. That a collector should be asked to organize several exhibitions at around the same time is even more extraordinary. Yet Armando Durón holds a unique position in the art world of Chicano Los Angeles. A long-time collector, a passionate chronicler and a much sought opinion-maker, Durón has earned a trust that places him in the vortex of culture.


The Latino Art Museum is fortunate to bring together Time Refocused: The Photographs of Luis Garza, and a two-part exhibition: Collector’s Choice and Hidden Treasures, all curated by Durón.


With Collector’s Choice Durón challenged artists to draw out the refined and essential line in their work, the point of their artistic existence, to reach into deeper levels of your aesthetic consciousness, out of their comfort zone, to produce a new work that is from another part of their essence, the part that because of economic, political, social or simple time pressures, they hadn’t been able to get to lately, to exemplify the disinterestedness and purposelessness of the clear, perhaps unconscious mind. It was neither the formal qualities of their work or a particular image that was sought. There was no theme.



Artists included: Carlos Almarez, Samuel Baray, Chaz Bojórquez, Carlos Bueno, Alberto Castro, Victor Durazo, Luis Genaro Garcia, Luis Garza, Yolanda Gonzales, Roberto Gutierrez, Esther Hernandez, Lorenzo Hurtado, Leo Limon, Jose Lozano, Gilbert “Magu” Lujan, Cesar A. Martinez, Ramon Ramirez, Teddy Sandoval, Juan Solis, Patssi Valdez, Linda Vallejo.



Latin culture inspires exhibit, Campus Times, by Kristen Campbell, Nicholas Mitzenmacher, La Verne, CA, February 19, 2010


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