ChimMaya Gallery 2009

16 X 20
ChimMaya Gallery
Montebello, CA



16×20 is a show comprised of 32 artists…in an “Open Theme” Exhibition. ChimMaya commissioned the canvas that was then given to each participating artist. Each of them was given “free” expression of their subject. Our goal is to engage many different artists, of various styles, and mediums to challenge their creativity.

This exhibition will introduce new artists to our client/collector base. We see “16×20′′…as our new annual July show. Each year we will introduce those artists that we have pre-selected for consideration of our next year’s calendar. We will gauge the response to their work, and position them for future exhibitions. That was about them…..Now this is about you! “16×20′′….has a fixed price range of $300 – $1500



Artists: Yolanda Gonzalez, Emilia Garcia, George Yepes, Juan Solis, Victor Amor, Ixchel Amor, Maria Kane, Linda Vallejo, Joe Bravo, Linda Arreola, Gina Stepaniuk, Ada Pullini Brown, Sergio Hernandez, Ernie Anguiano, Dolores Haro, Ernie Herrera, Ofelia Esparza, Rosanna Ahrens, Abel Alejandre, Helena Amor, David Martinez, Gene Ortega, Luis Genaro, Aydee Lopez Martinez, Ricardo Ortega, Edward Escamilla, Gilbert Reyes, Francisco Norzagaray, Ricardo Estrada, Lauren Gonzalez, Julie Zarate, and Alex Rodriguez