Nueva Mujer 2017

Marisa Caichiolo: “In each of my shows there is a significant group of women with a prominent voice”
by Denisse Leigthon
Nueva Mujer
September 15, 2017




I did a curatorship that I am interested in mentioning because she is very active. She is a Chicana artist named Linda Vallejo who is working her work with all that is Data. It has been in this for many years, but now it is at the exact moment due to the issue of immigrant Latinos in the United States. Work with images that are made in points or pixels where each of them provides information for the great work, for example there is a nude pregnant woman that is made with points that provide the pregnancy data of Latina single women living in the USA. There is another work called “The Brown dot” that details the number of Latinos with HIV, those who accept gay marriage and those who do not, etc.



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