The Brown Oscars 2018

The Brown Oscars
We Choose Art and The Mezz Gallery at The Montalbán Theatre
in collaboration with bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


“Vallejo originally began this project after a 2 year period where no one of color had been nominated for an academy award. It has still been over 50 years since a Latino actor has won best actor. Vallejo presents an alternative version of the Oscars where all our white idols have become Brown.  This exhibit is a playful exploration of the oscars and a celebration of Latinx in the entertainment industry. The Brown Oscars afterparty will be covered by industry press and will be a red carpet invitation for all who celebrate the beauty of brown in Hollywood.  Inspired by her experiences of growing up in white areas of the US without brown popular culture figures as role models, Linda Vallejo paints historical figures and contemporary pop personalities brown. What if Marilyn Monroe or Elvis had Been Brown? Pop culture icons suddenly become people of color. They form a hook, connecting the viewer to deeper issues resting within the politics of color. ”
Om Bleicher, Director, bG Gallery

Brown Oscars ABC 7 Interview Press release