The Zimmer Children’s Museum 2009

Show & Tell: The Art of Language
The Zimmer Children’s Museum
Curated by Victor Raphael
Exhibit Producer: Trevor Bryant
Los Angeles, CA
April 30—June 12, 2009



Reading the newspaper is a daily, mundane event, with images appearing in an incongruous mixture of toxic photographs, deadly headlines, frivolous advertisements and commercials, sexualized sales pitches, and mixed political messages. Yet, we are attracted to the printed word and are compelled to read and become influenced by the broad reach of media. The dichotomy of these unending images and curiously opposing thoughts creates a mixture of humor, disbelief, guilt, and horror, in part creating the postmodern psychological condition and conundrum. Censored: Channeling Spring asks us to reconsider our relationship with nature and the impact of our environmental footprint.


Linda Vallejo consolidates multiple, international influences gained from a life of study and travel throughout Europe, the United States and Mexico to create paintings, mixed media sculpture and site-specific installations that consider themes of beauty, as well as consumption, war, excess, and pollution. Her work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, Craft and Folk Art Museum, Carnegie Art Museum, Armand Hammer Museum, Bronx Museum, Museum of Modern Art New York, San Antonio Museum, Mexico City Modern Art Museum, and the Patricia Correia Gallery; and reviewed in “ArtNews,” “Art Business News,” “Southwest Art,” and the “Los Angeles Times.” Vallejo has received awards from the Durfee Foundation, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, Comisión Femenil de Los Angeles, California Community Foundation, Brody Fund Arts Fellowship, and the California Arts Council.


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