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Linda Vallejo: Los Cielos/The Heavens
Saludos Hispanos
May/June 1999




The role of ceremony in nature and in our lives has been of interest to artist Linda Vallejo for many years. Since the 1970s, she has studied Maya and Azteca dance, and Native and Chicana ceremonies in California, Arizona and South Dakota. ‘As a Chicana/Indigena I have spent two decades studying naure and its intrinsic meaning to our personal healing and expression. This practice has taken me to countless ceremonies which integrate “nature as experience,” explains Vallejo. For the past ten years, Vallejo has been owner of Galeria Las Americas, a gallery in Southern California dedicated to Chicano and Latino contemporary arts. Her own paintings have been exhibited in museums in New York, California and Texas.

In her new suite of paintings, Los Cielos/The Heavens, she explores the role of ceremony in our natural lives. She says the paintings seek “to integrate my understanding and experience of ceremony, my personal love of nature, and my personal healing through nature.

The paintings, in acrylic and oil on canvas and masonite, are richly layered and deeply expressive works that resonate with the viewer. Vallejo explains that, “Often, in sharing these paintings with others, I am told deeply personal stories of personal vision, catharsis and healing.



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