Publications, Critical Review & Interviews






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Brown Washing: Linda Vallejo turns the tables on cultural appropriation for the Getty’s citywide tribute to Latin American influence on Los AngelesThe Argonaut, by Christina Campodonico, September 20

Marisa Caichiolo: “In each of my shows there is a significant group of women with a prominent voice, Nueva Mujer, by Denisse Leigthon, September 15

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LGBTQ Historic Places in L.A. Short Films, images of Linda Vallejo and Madre Tierra Press included in video

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In her series ‘Make ‘Em All Mexican,’ artist Linda Vallejo imagines #OscarsSoBrown, Los Angeles Times Calendar Section, Cover Feature, by Jorge Rivas, February 19

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Linda Vallejo Brownwashed Past Oscar Winners In ‘Make ‘Em All Mexican’ Collection, Remezcla, by Andrew S. Vargas, February 19

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