Self Help Graphics & Art 1976

Self Help Graphics & Art 1976


A Complex Man
solo exhibition
Self Help Graphics & Art
Los Angeles, CA


Artist Statement Excerpt, 1976

“The works are a part of A Complex Man Series completed from 1976-78. These portraits speak to the multiple sides of any given personality, the complexity of the human self; of man’s need to live in the physical world as well as his need to commune with the metaphysical and its powers.

When approaching my work I allow my ideas to come to me in the form of a feeling, this feeling develops into an action, and from this action an art piece is made.  Just as in a dream world I do not stop to make judgments.  In a dream one makes no decisions abut the right or correct feeling or images, one simple acts.  I have practiced this approach to my pieces for several years and have developed it into a technique I call “hitting the page.”


Artist Statement


Early Works 1969-1978