LACMA Charles White Gallery PST LA/LA 2017—2018

LACMA Charles White Gallery PST LA/LA 2017—2018

A Universal History of Infamy: Those of This America
LACMA Charles White Gallery
as part of LACMA PST LA/LA
Exhibition Dates: December 9, 2017—October 6, 2018

As part of the multisite project “A Universal History of Infamy” LACMA presents an exhibition curated by artist and educator Vincent Ramos at the museum’s satellite gallery within Charles White Elementary School. By displaying works by contemporary Latino artists, writers, and activists exploring loss, resilience, and the political potential of poetic expression. alongside several pieces from LACMA’s collection, Ramos exposes a shared impulse across generations to use art as a powerful method of resistance.

Artists include Isabel Avila, Raul Paulino Baltazar, Roberto Chavez, Victor Estrada, Carlee Fernandez, Devyn Galindo, Héctor García, Jacinta González, Raul Guerrero, Philip Guston, Fred Lonidier, Maria de Los Angeles, Yvette Mayorga, Delilah Montoya, Jorge Orozco Gonzalez, Betsabeé Romero, Peter Saul, Fritz Scholder, Rufino Tamayo, Teresita de la Torre, Patricia Valencia, Linda Vallejo, Emmett Walsh, and Max Yavno


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The Making of A Universal History of Infamy, Unframed LACMA, by Chi-Young Kim, August 17, 2017
Art as Resistance: Curating A Show at Charles White Elementary School, Unframed LACMA, by Chi-Young Kim, February 15, 2018


Video by Peter Rashkin