Museum of Latin American Art MOLAA Solo Project 2022

Linda Vallejo Solo Project 2022

Dates TBA

curated by Gabriela Urtiaga, MOLAA Chief Curator



Vallejo Solo Project will present a timely, socio-political installation accompanied by a catalog with scholarly essays and robust outreach & education programs.  This exhibition will investigate the prominent Chicana artist Linda Vallejo through an installation, catalog, and robust education programs. The installation include a life-size Victorian dining room set painted in milk-chocolate brown surrounded by glittering silver plate to illustrate the gilded age with its corporations and wealth juxtaposed by Latino immigrant contributions to ask: How are Latinos seen, how do we see ourselves, and what are our contributions? Statistics will inspire “brown” data-based 2-D works and sculpture. Vallejo appropriates and alters antique and pop objects creating an image that invites viewers to consider the politics of color and class in a space where history and data interact with pop culture.

“This new work will discuss the politics of color, class, culture and power in the gilded age. I will appropriate objects and images from the nascent age US wealth and influence and symbolically return it to the “brown” workers who helped to build the US economy and culture. This work will evoke a dialogue surrounding the questions: How do color, class, culture, and power define our status? How do color and class effect US Latino engagement in American society? Is it possible to contribute to the dominant culture as a person of color?” – Linda Vallejo