Movimento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA) 2012

This is the NOW! 4th Chicana/o Biennial
Movimento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana  (MACLA)
San Jose, CA
January 18—March 10, 2012



MACLA is pleased to announce its fourth Chicana/o Biennial, an exhibition and public forum conceived to take inventory of and invite reflection every two years on the continuously emergent energy, critical edge, and aesthetic interventions within contemporary Chicano art.

Over the last thirty-seven years the field of Chicana/o art and scholarship has developed and expanded exponentially. As an art movement that developed alongside the Chicano civil rights struggles of 1960s and 1970s, Chicano art emerged in direct correlation to social change. Today, there are more points of view and subsequent artists contributing to this important movement of contemporary art, some of which are re-defining what it means to create “Chicana/o art” at this moment in time.

MACLA will present work that responds to the questions and concerns of the contemporary art world including: 1) What are the pressing concerns at this moment in time? (politics) 2) What does Chicana/o art look like today? (aesthetics) 3) How do artists engage the community? (activism & organizing). The Biennial will feature artwork that is politi­cally charged and aesthetically innovative on many different levels and that addresses one or more of the above mentioned questions and depict the intersection between art, technology and new media.

Featuring new work by: Cande Aguilar, Eric Almanza, Efren Álvarez, Natalia Anciso, Jesus Barraza, Carlos Bautista, Melanie Cervantes, Betty A. Davis, Caleb Duarte, Eric García, Robert García, Paul J. González, Jaime Guerrero, Rogelio Gutierrez, Geri Montano, Nicholas Munoz, Tony Ortega, Vivian “Viva” Paredes, Daniella Rascón, Sandy Rodriguez, Paul Valadéz, Linda Vallejo, and Cristina Velázquez.



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