Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park 2008

Spirits of LA
group exhibition
curated by Raoul de la Sota
Department of Cultural Affairs
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park
January 18-April 20, 2008



The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) exhibition Spirits of Los Angeles brought together artists whose work dealt with spirits of the past, memories and ancestral history as well as present-day forces that play an important part in their creative process.

This exhibit demonstrated some of the ethereal spirits, legends, and stories that either historically, culturally or metaphysically inhabit our Southern California area and that are eventually visualized by the minds of these Los Angeles artists. While the show is thematically and geographically focused, the concepts used are universal. As we live and exist and persist in an urban concentration, many of our recollections, dreams and thoughts, as well as nightmares, accompany us throughout our lives. In this show those manifestations are personified in paintings, installations, and sculptures.

The exhibition features artists from a broad range of ages – mature artists that have worked for years with similar themes as reflected in this show, and emerging artists who have newly discovered their fascination with these concepts. It will showcase the work of Armando Baeza, Raúl Baltazar, Patricia Boyd, Roberto L. Delgado, Kathi Flood, John H. Jones, Leo Limon, Pola Lopez, Dorothy Magallon, Toti O’Brien, Paul Pitsker, Annie Sperling, Cindy Suriyani, and Linda Vallejo.



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