Onodream Magazine 2013

Onodream Magazine. One Artist One Conversation
Linda Vallejo
Onodream Press
Vol. 3, No. 1
Edited and published by Louis Jacinto
Los Angeles, CA



Louis Jacinto began photographing in Los Angeles in 1975 and is noted for his iconic images of the Punk Rock music scene in Los Angeles from the late 1970’s. Both Jacinto and the East Los Angeles art collective, ASCO crossed artistic paths throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, most notably in Jacinto’s series of photographs documenting an art exhibit and Punk Rock music show, “GRONKPATSSIPARTY.” Jacinto has published several books of his photographs including PUNKROCK LOSANGELES, Edge of the World: Self-Portraits 1976 – 2007, GRONKPATSSIPARTY, The Bags, Hope Fading, The Beatles In Los Angeles, The Umbrellas Project, Patti Smith ‘78 and Angela – a series of photographs taken of Angela Davis.

He has exhibited at the American University Museum, Washington, D.C.; El Museo de las Artes, Guadalajara, Mexico; Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery; Claremont Museum of Art, Claremont, CA; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Williams College Museum of Art; Vincent Price Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA; and the University Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico City.

Jacinto launched onodream MAGAZINE. One Artist. One Conversation in 2011. Each issue features one artist speaking in depth about their work.



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