LA Weekly 2017

15 Female Artists Who’ve Shaped the L.A. Art Scene
by Eva Recinos
LA Weekly
Los Angeles, CA
April 3, 2017



Linda Vallejo ranked #4

“In taking familiar figures and making them brown (a series she calls “Make ’Em all Mexican”), Mexican-American artist Linda Vallejo challenges the viewer to re-examine the familiar icons of pop culture. Vallejo also looks specifically at the Latino community in Los Angeles, as evidenced in “The Brown Dot Project.” Though now in many variations, the idea started with analyzing the “Latino numbers and how the population is growing by leaps and bounds” in L.A., as explained on her site. The conversations sparked in her artwork feel especially familiar to anyone living in L.A., and her artwork is a deliberate action against erasure.”



Featured artists: Judith Baca, Betye Saar, Catherine Opie, Linda Vallejo, Uta Barth , Jo Ann Callis, Diane Gamboa, Camille Rose Garcia, Patssi Valdez, Judithe Hernandez, Barbara Carrasco, Martine Syms, Laura Aguilar, Christina Angelina, Rebecca Morris