Irvine Fine Arts Center 1985

Traces of Ritual coverTraces of Ritual
Irvine Fine Arts Center
September 6—November 6, 1985
Irvine, CA



Curator’s Statement
Dixie Swift

“Rites de Passage” … rites of birth, initiation, marriage, death … such rites exist in all cultures ancient and contemporary, primitive, peasant and urban. We have all been participants and though memories may fade, traces are left behind as silent reminders of our participation.

Traces of Ritual, an exhibition of objects, left by “artists of all kinds who might be seen as the keepers of human racial memory” (L. Lippard), has been gathered as evidence of those rituals. Included are unsanctioned contemporary pieces, traditional sanctioned pieces and works by contemporary artists.



Artists included: Slater Baron, Nixson Borah, Ray Bravo, Bruria, Dennis O. Callwood, Yreina Cervantez, Rachel Dutton, Gary D. Elsey, Suvan Geer, Leonard Kaplan, Susan King, Deborah Krall-Cohen, See Lee, Mary Noguchi, Ron Pippin, Sue Ann Robinson, Christopher Schumaker, Eileen Senner, Suzanne Siegel, Sharon Siskin, Craig Cree Stone, James Switzer, John Valadez, Linda Vallejo, Lee Vang, Bill Viola.


Exhibition Invitation