Galería Posada 1983

Personal Reflections: Masks by Chicano and Native American artists in California
Galería Posada
October 1983
Sacramento, CA



Artist’s statement
Linda Vallejo

Imagine Mother Earth, our planet
whole, healthy, balanced and in harmony.
Concentrate on the children of all nations
living in unity and happiness.
See the animals going their way with
enough clean food and place for their

Sit in your quiet, meditative state
and trust in the natural cycle
trust in the completion of all good



Magnificent Masks: An Expressive, Well-Timed Exhibit of Ancient Art, The Sacramento Bee, by Ellen Schlesinger, October 16



Guest Curators: Gloria Jaramillo, Bea Carrillo Hocker

Artists included: David Avalos, George Blake, Eduardo Carrillo, Yreina Cervantez, Armando Cid, Eva Garcia, Lorraine, Garcia, Sal Garcia, Carmen Lomas Garza, Zarco Guerrero, Esther Hernandez, Frank Lapena, Gilbert Sanchez Lujan, Ralph Maradiaga, Emmanuel Montoya, Ernest Palomino, Richard Rios, Celia Rodriguez, Larry Rodriguez, Patricia Rodriguez, Javier Sandoval, Linda Vallejo



Exhibition catalog