Galería Las Américas 1994

solo exhibition
Galería Las Américas
Los Angeles, CA
October 14-December 16, 1994



Renowned poet and published journalist, Suzanne Lummis writes, “As a tenacious and original business woman, and curator with an eye for the affecting, deeply-felt work, she is among the most important innovators in the Los Angeles gallery world. She is a noted artist in her own right, with paintings in which the landscape of dreams and the icons of a personal mythos, are set forth in luminous tones and a graceful, intuitive line.” Mayra Fernandez, author of “Barrio Teacher” and founder of Wings/Alas, the Latina Writer’s Workshops says, “Butterflies, Rebirth, Transformation! Just as in nature, nothing stays the same but is transformed. Vallejo as a true artist, uses the butterfly, as we witness their transformation on canvas. They become a part of the human form helping in its metamorphosis. She thus draws us into her work which is what true art is all about.”

Betty Ann Brown, celebrated author and curator, states “Vallejo is a gifted and mature artist whose recent paintings depict compelling portrayals of the human condition. Her eclectic approach reflects her personal heritage and her individual history: embracing the mestizo nature of her background, she has studied Native American, Mexicana and Chicana spiritual traditions, and incorporated the fruits of her learning, filtered through the depth of her personal insight, into her resonant images. Exquisitely rendered and brilliantly conceived, Vallejo’s paintings affect viewers deeply, as do all art works of great quality.”



I am Woman, Watch Me Soar: Linda Vallejo Canvasses the Feminist Spirit in ‘Sóla!, Los Angeles Downtown News, Vol. 23, No. 48, by Victoria Looseleafe, Los Angeles, CA



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