Fire in the Lodge

Fire in the Lodge, 1981
Repurposed lithographic monotype prints, Mylar, handmade paper, mixed media
18 x 18 x 18 in.



Artist Statement
Linda Vallejo

This piece is a symbol of the fire that burns within us all. As we are the temple, so are we the lodge. The home of our ancestors is also our home and the symbols of our bodies. In the center of the lodge burns the eternal fire, emitting energy and light. Father Sun is the center of all being. He is an energy source to be appreciated, respected and used properly. To expend one’s energy needlessly and fruitlessly is to expend one’s vital life source. In these days of new and growing technology it is important to give the sun the same consideration as we do our own lives.

In the sun, we can truly find the energy source of the future, but we must use it wisely and carefully, understanding its potential and power. Our ancestors knew what it meant to honor “El Padre Sol”. Modern man should take this lesson and apply it to concepts of solar energy. With science and respect the sun can be tapped for the good of all Peoples.